Bayside Friends And Kingston Friends

Meeting today December 02, 2014,  Bayside Friends With Kingston who talked about Friends of Manututo (kindergarten) and Friends of Laleia (computer training center) to cooperate and to looking for something potentially to develop in the future.


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Friendship in Bayside

We have had the pleasure of hosting Ettho de Sousa from Laleia these last 18 days. he has stayed with the Doolans, the Carrs, Ian Fox, Andrea Bashfield and tomorrow (Sunday 30th November) he will stay with the Curtains. Ettho spent time today with Ian Fox and mowed Ian’s lawn for him and then Ian tried to teach him more English and help him to read the newspaper. Ettho came back to Carr’s at 4 pm and we then visited Chris Carr and his family. Chris has 2 Harley Davidson Bikes and his wife has a large Trike.

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Ettho Sousa visit to Melbourne

With Bayside Friends in Australia

With Bayside Friends in Australia

Ettho Sousa is one of a member of Bayside Friends of Laleia who currently running training in Laleia training Center. On Monday 1o November he Left Dili to Australia for 3 Weeks. Was to visit Bayside Friends of Laleia as their guest to learn about :

  1. The community traning centre
  2. Discuss the future of the Laleia Training Centre
  3. And to improve her English

Ettho Sousa is Very Enjoying with his Visit in Melbourne.



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